MiloThemes | Printing
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From cards to canvas

Canvas & Posters


We just love printing. We love to play with old gravure techniques, screen printing or letterpress, but also with modern digital printers. Our designers have a lot of experience with screen printed canvas, creating avant-garde prints that were sold all over the world.
We currently take commissions on canvas design, but in 2018 we will release a limited edition of screen printed posters, signed by our designers.

Printed Collateral


From small projects like business cards to large festival posters or fine art canvas, Milo Design Studio has a large experience into printing. Our designers have experience with packaging, magazines, flyers, roll-ups and all others printed collaterals.
If your customers engage with your brand trough printed material, Milo Design Studio will help you reach them while growing your business.

Other Prints


Our award winning designers can create almost anything regarding your brand, so if  there is something  you didn’t find in our offer, please contact us and we will gladly answer all of your questions.