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We are MILO Design Studio

We love to inspire and be inspired

Milo was born as an artistic collaboration between two graphic designers : Loredana Papp-Dinea and Mihai Baldean.
Their partnership, in business and real life, brought together their strengths and creativity but also their different vision about design.In our 12 years of experience in design we build brands, platforms and eCommerce shops.
We love eclectic art, color and bold typography, we love to inspire and be inspired. Our main specialization is in brand identity and websites, but we also love prints.We help businesses increase their visibility with a visual presence, online and offline, with a strategy that appeals to their target audience.
We understand the importance of communication and we consider that a good client-designer relationship is the key to any successful project.
Build with hard work, Milo is a successful project that is continuously growing, so let us help your business succeed in the digital culture.



A company’s brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. Just like your personal identity makes you unique, a good brand identity will set your business apart from every other company.
A business or personal Brand Identity, is the noticeable elements of a brand (for instance – color, logo, name, symbol) that identify and differentiates a brand in target audience mind.
At Milo Studio we believe that working alongside with our clients in developing an excellent Brand Identity is crucial.

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We help businesses increase their visibility with a visual presence, online, to reach their target audience easy and fast, with services that work properly on all devices.
Milo Studio has many years of experience in building websites and plugins that are completely responsive, from tablet to mobile or desktop screens.
Our main experience is with Content Management Systems (CMS) that allows clients to take complete control and administrate their content in a user friendly manner.

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We just love printing. We love to play with old gravure techniques, screen printing or letterpress, but also with modern digital printers.
From small projects like business cards to large festival posters or fine art canvas, Milo Design Studio has a large experince into printing. Our designers have experience with packaging, magazines, flyers, roll-ups and all others printed collaterals.
If your customers engage with your brand trough printed material, Milo Design Studio will help you reach them while growing your business.

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Are you thinking about

Re-Branding your business? Tell us about your project.

What Our Clients are Saying

Knowing Milo from previous projects, I knew they were the people we need. The challenge was to revive the brand but also keep elements from the long and complex tradition of our festival. Overall, they delivered 140% 


Andrei Ghereb

Head of Marketing, Medifun

At Avimag we have high demands for our brand, so we were really pleased when Milo came with this unique concept for our 12th Aniversary. From this project we worked with them several times and will continue doing this. We highly recommend them.


Silviu Cioloboc

Brand Manager, Avimag

I wanted a new and fresh look for my Company and Milo did a great job, It was exactly what I need it. Fast and professional. Thank you so much guys.


Catalin Cmeci

CEO & Brand Manager, Crafthinks