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Medifun – Student Festival

Brand Identity

Medifun – Student Festival

Medifun is the biggest Student Festival in Transylvania. It is organized by the Medicine University in Targu-Mures and it’s been going on for 17 years now. This year they wanted something new and fresh, so Milo Studio came to the rescue.


We wanted to create a strong brand concept for Medifun, so they won’t have to change their identity drastically every year. It needed some flexible elements so it could evolve each year, without having to be redesigned from scratch. Our general approach was to start with a clear concept using elements inspired by the medical world, but for an open-minded festival, with an ironic twist.


We focused on consistency and meticulous details, on an easy to recognize, brightly-colored color scheme. The bold color choice makes the brand easily recognizable, with electric purple as a star base color. We created a cool and fun feeling, that radiates positivity.


The main 3 colors used for the elements was the only thing kept from the old identity, but we changed them to be more bright and in tone with the new visuals. We created a consistent brand identity, that includes the designs for posters, name tags, sunglasses, wristbands, tickets, stickers, pins, t-shirts & hoodies, maps, a magazine and other collaterals.

The branding campaign for the social media includes Facebook and Instagram posts, page covers, event covers and a Facebook photo filter to encourage festival-goers to share their photos experience for a chance to win tickets.



Medifun Festival


October 6, 2017


Brand Identity